Why Muumuus? Why "Under the Muumuu?" 

It started with a vintage collection and what felt like a homecoming. A coming home to the self. After years of conforming to belong (ahhh youth), it was with the first vintage muumuu purchase that I actually felt like myself. I'll often say "muumuus saved me" and there is zero exaggeration in that statement. 

There was a never a plan for a clothing line. It just happened. And originally, it was called House of Lu. Under the Muumuu was always the "umbrella" name to house all the ideas. But when you keep hearing the same advice over and over from people you respect and admire, you take that as a sign and literally throw it all, under the muumuu. 

This isn't meant to be a replacement to the vintage beauties with a lush generational history that deserves to be told, worn, seen and heard over and over again. This is, instead, my homage to a way of dressing that allowed me to wear on the outside, what I had been hiding under my persona for so long. 

Under the Muumuu asks - what's under YOUR muumuu as we want to know - "who are you hiding underneath?". What version of you could be unleashed for the world that could be the brightest light in someone's day?  

We invite everyone to shine brightly and freely - letting go of conventional dress and trends and instead choosing to be as comfortable as you possibly can while simultaneously being as fabulous as you possibly can. We go hard on prints and textures as we know, every piece is an invitation for an interaction and each interaction is an opportunity to grow and shine. 

There's a feeling of joy and an exchange of joy with every person you pass. 

Skeptical? Give it a try and see if you feel The Muumuu{ve}ment within you. 

We're absolutely sure you will. 


About Lu


Lu loves to find the hidden joy in every interaction she has with life.  These muumuus are a physical manifestation of her belief that we can make our worlds a little smaller and our hearts a bit bigger when choose to wear conversation pieces and allow life to show us what's possible.